Media Art Projects

I, AI Create Together - SHANGAVATAR in Voices in and out of Place

SHANGAVATAR which created from ' I, AI Create Together - SHANGAVATAR ' gaved a speech inVoices in and out of Place' virtual conference.

I, AI Create Together - SHANGAVATAR

'A Sociable Avatar - SHANGAVATAR ' is a project aiming to clone ShangYunWu her bios features into a virtual avatar for replacing the social and musical performance activities which need to face a wider audience. In the concept, My multimodal NLP approach can be taken as a multimodal sensation for the reaction experience of SHANGAVTAR. However, for prototyping, in order to design the media - avatar and how it could interact with the real human, computer analysis of speech involves emotion to capture to prime the systems to interact meaningfully with people makes voice-based emotional AIs design and other supportive recognition AI, for example, facial recognition which can trigger hte voice. She hacked her life experience to create an avatar then became the project.

Keep In Sonic Touch

《 Keep In Sonic Touch 》is a wearable device aimed to explore the information revealed in the soundscape, transmitting to vibroscape as the reproduction of the physical space for remote communication with the internet.

Her Empathy Diary

《Her Empathy Diary 》is an interactive theatre project, telling a story about a girl suffering from social pressure and then sucide. The collaborative creators collect the data from the audience in physical theatre and online social media and transfer into sounds and lights of the object on the stage to create a metaphysics structure between individual and group in the drama. Photo by Josephine Wang.