Media Art Projects

In Between

《In Between》 is based on the work "Song of Sea Waves" , an art of marine project, for transfering of the causes behind the sea surface waves, taking data and models for creating a conversion of sea surface waves, creating an interactive installation for audience to understand the spatial-temporal information between sonification sound and sea surface waves

Listening In The Library

《 Listening In Library 》creates a virtual library environment with soundscape and “audiobooks” and other sounds which are produced in local libraries. People can be anywhere in the world and immediately be in the library with the library’s soundscape in a web-based virtual audio experience library.

Have Fun No Touch

《 Have Fun No Touch 》is a multi device music game controlled by mobile for people to play together in different physical spaces but link each other via their movement which can produce the sounds. I created the prototype during the pandemic.

Teachable Paparazzi

《 Teachable Paparazzi 》is a detective agency prototype for testing people you love but not trust. Cover Photo by Peter/; FameFlynet Pictures; Splash News; Dan Power/Lifetime; Kris Connor/Getty Images.